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Excavation - Big Dig

We can make the earth move… but we choose a targeted approach to excavation.  From detailed excavation and tight access areas, Big Dig is also experienced in the design and installation of load bearing supports that are required for specialist excavation works such as underpinning, contiguous piling and pier drilling. 

Big Dig’s excavators range in size from 680mm wide (enough to fit through the front door!!) up to 30 tonne excavators. Together with a wide selection of attachments; grabs, hammers, augers and diamond rock sawing, all your excavation needs are covered.  In addition, all terrain Bobcats are versatile and are used on most of our job sites.  Together with our experienced operators, Big Dig ensures the best solution to your excavation requirements.

For further information regarding our services, please call Big Dig on (02) 9300 8111.