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Demolition - Big Dig

The days of knocking structures down with a cannon ball and chains are long gone.  These days, we use pulverisers, concrete hammers, shears, grabs, concrete sawing and many more specialist demolition tools. Together with the technical knowledge and 20 years experience of our team, we maintain a clean, safe and effective job site.  Our OH&S and work method statements ensure all safety requirements are met while our licensing ensures that our skills are best in industry. 

Big Dig provides residential and commercial demolition projects across both structural and interior strip outs.

Beyond the demolition, our focus is to encourage the efficient reclamation and recycling of demolished material.  Our waste minimisation techniques include mobile on-site crushing of brick and concrete, steel recycling and sorting of waste.  These waste minimisation strategies result in cost savings for our customers.

For further information regarding our services, please call Big Dig on (02) 9300 8111.